The 3th Management Meeting and C2 Workshop

From 14th to 16th of December 2021 took place the 3th Management Meeting and C2 Workshop in Fundación Monte Mediterraneo, Spain, with the presence of the partners from Cesefor (Spain), Innogestiona (Spain), FMM (Spain), Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen (Germany), ARCHNETWORK (United Kingdom), Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik (Austria) and Asociatia Agrom Ro (Romania). There were also virtually present the partners from Associação de Desenvolvimento Integrado da Rede das Aldeias de Montanha (Portugal), Höhere Bundeslehr- und Forschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft Raumberg-Gumpenstein (Austria) and Agraren Universitet – Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

We also counted with the participation of experts who provided valuable input to the workshop. The experts were:

  • Cara Cameron from Lochview Rural Training (Scotland)
  • Irene Treitner and Michael Prodinger from Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik (Austria)

The coordination meeting focused on the presentation of project justification update, presentation of next steps and presentation of deadline from Intellectual Outputs.

After that, the Austrian partner proceeded with five presentations about the “Education system in Austria”, “Climate Change in the Alps”, “Large carnivores, opportunities and challenges for pastoralism in the Alps”, “presentation of the EU-Project Lifestock Protect” and an experience of “Shepherding in Switzerland”.

During the Workshop, work was carried out on the Intellectual Outputs:

  • The contents of the IO1 were defined based on the necessities identified in the previous analysis of the shepherd interviews.
  • Skills required for the trainer profile were defined (IO2).
  • A proposal for the virtual platform (IO3) were presented and different agreements were reached.

The good working atmosphere and the willingness of all the partners, together with an excellent management of the workshop by the host (FMM), allowed us to achieve the expected goals, so we can conclude that the C2 Workshop was a success.