Dissemination of results of the Eu4shepherds project in Bulgaria
In the hall of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv, the Ministry of Agriculture presented the Strategic Plan for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas in Bulgaria for the period 2023-2027.
The meeting was part of the national information campaign of the Ministry of Agriculture. Farmers from the Pazardzhik, Smolyan and Plovdiv regions participated in it. During the meeting, the first project of its kind for extensive sheep breeding and transhumance - EU4SHEPHERDS - was presented.
Prof. Dr. Atanas Vuchkov presented the project EU4SHEPHERDS —INNOVATIVE TRAINING FOR SUSTAINABLE SHEPHERDS— models for extensive breeding in sheep rearing technologies, which are of crucial importance for the sustainable maintenance of important rural areas in Europe. 
This project is an initial for Bulgaria! The future of such livestock farming models, which are currently threatened by the effects of climate change and administrative barriers, depends on the availability and capacity of extensive pastoralists. These models combat rural depopulation and have a beneficial impact on animal welfare and human health compared to other non-extensive models.
Information about the event was uploaded to the university's website and covered by the media (link)