Eu4shepherds project coordination meeting

A new coordination meeting of the Eu4shepherds project was held on 25 January, organised by the coordinator, Fundación Cesefor, and the Scottish partner, Archnetwork, with the following agenda:

11:00: 1. Welcome

11:05: 2. Management project

  • Internal Report 5
  • Internal Report 6
  • Internal Report 7
  • Next coordination meetings

11:15: 3. Workshops

11:18: 4. Intellectual outputs

  • IO1. Shepherds Curricula (Cesefor)
  • IO2. Manual/Guideline for trainers (FMM)
  • IO3. On-line training Platform (Cesefor)

11:35: 5. Multipier events: Remenber details on the number of participants, budget, etc.

11:40: 6. Dissemination: Newletters, media activities, networking...

11:45: 7. Results and indicators

11:55: 8. Presentation Training centre- Cara Cameron. Scotland.

12:10: 9. Doubts and questions

As important points, we highlight the practical finalisation of the I01, Shepherds Curriculum, and the training platform developed by our ICT colleagues for final validation.

In the next two weeks, the partners will test the platform. Once validated, it will be made available to the general public through the project website:

Regarding the IO2, Manual for trainers, the coordinator of the task, Ernestine Lüdeke, from the Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, explained the next steps to be followed in order to finalise the manual.

Once the three results (Curriculum, Manual and Platform) have been approved, they will be disseminated in the partner countries through "Multiplier events", where 30 people interested in each of them will participate. The profiles for these events will be shepherds, people who want to be shepherds and trainers, as well as specialised representatives of local media.

Finally, Cara Cameron, founder of Lochview Rural Training presented the work they do on their farm, outlining the types of courses they run and the milestones they have achieved so far.