Villanueva de la Serena: sheep cooperative, wool processing plant

During the C2 Workshop in Fundación Monte Mediterraneo (Spain), a visit was made to Villanueva de la Serena in order to see a sheep cooperative and a wool processing plant.

Firstly, the FOMENTO OVINO EXTREMEÑO S.A.T. (FOVEX SAT) was visited. Their main activity consists in the TYPIFICATION AND HOMOGENIZATION of the lambs coming from their partners' farms. After collecting them, they carry out a selection process by weight and sex category, and after a fattening period in their facilities, they make them available to EA GROUP SC for sale. With this process they achieve a double objective:

  • To offer our customers a uniform and homogeneous final product.
  • To guarantee a product that complies with all the guarantees of traceability and food safety.

The second visit were to Comercial Ovinos S.C.L., which aim is the centralizing the collection, storage, classification, washing and combing of its members' wool. Currently, Comercial Ovinos S.C.L. groups more than 1,350,000 head of Merino sheep and more than 2,500 farmers in Extremadura and Andalusia. The average annual production exceeds 3,500,000 kilos of dirty or greasy wool, which represents approximately 30% of the production of merino wool in Spain.

The main activity of Comercial Ovinos S.C.L. is the transformation and commercialization of wool. The production process is controlled by the cooperative, since it offers its members the shearing of the sheep, the collection of the wool at the farm and the packaging of the wool. Once sorted, the wool is marketed as dirty, type-graded, washed or combed.